Oakland Bike Bridge Sculpture

The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF) is close to fulfilling a dream and needs the community’s help. We have art. We have a place to put it. We have 12 extraordinary young artists worth celebrating. All we need now is a few more dollars to make it happen! Donate to the Kickstarter campaign for The Bike [...]

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San Francisco Senior Care Community

San Francisco senior care serves a very important function within the community. Not only does it provide a much needed service, it does so for a fraction of the price of a long term hospital visit. Let’s look at the different functions that San Francisco senior care plays, and compare it to a hospital visit. [...]

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San Francisco Senior Home Care

San Francisco senior home care provides some of the best in home care in the entire United States. Thanks to many different in home care service providers, you essentially have dozens of different services to choose from. Making the right choice is extremely important. You don’t want an elderly relative to receive sub-par care by [...]

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