San Francisco Senior Home Care

San Francisco senior home care provides some of the best in home care in
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the entire United States. Thanks to many different in home care service providers, you essentially have dozens of different services to choose from. Making the right choice is extremely important. You don’t want an elderly relative to receive sub-par care by any means, so it is vital that you do your homework and select only the very best service for your loved one.

When searching for San Francisco senior home care, it’s important that you take a few things into consideration. First, you will want to determine the level of care that is necessary to keep your relative safe and happy. In home care comes in many varieties. For more independent seniors, you can have someone visit your loved one’s home for a couple hours at a time two or three days per week. For people in need of greater care, more intensive visits are necessary. You could hire a full time caregiver in these instances where they are at your loved one’s home eight hours a day, five days a week. This is a good option for dependent senior citizens that live with you. While you are away at work, the caregiver can be in the home in order to help them. If you worry about your elderly relative being alone for a good chunk of the day, this can be your best option.
There are also live in senior care services that will provide twenty four hour care every day of the week. Obviously this will cost a bit more, but for a senior citizen that lives alone and wants to stay in their home, this can be a better option than a nursing home.
The second thing to consider is your elderly loved one’s desires. If they don’t want to go into an assisted living facility under any circumstances, this is a wish you must take into account. This is especially true if you have power of attorney over an elderly parent. You need to make the best decision for them, not for you. While this might be tough to do, having power of attorney is not something that is given out freely. Your parent or other relative signs over this authority because they trust you to act in their best interests. Furthermore, if they want to stay out of a home, in home care is generally pretty comparable in price, so money should not be a deciding factor when choosing between the two.
Senior in home care is a growing business in San Francisco as well as the rest of the nation. By knowing your choices and what your loved one wants to happen, you can make the best decision for them.

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