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We treat your cherished one like family.

Paradise In-Home Care is the premier client focused in home care service in San Jose. Our kind highly skilled personnel provide the greatest degree of customer attention. No matter if your loved one merely needs some help around your home while they recuperate from a surgery or fall, or if they require 24/7 assistance to help them with their tasks of daily living, Paradise In-Home Care can help them improve their quality of life and happiness.

San Jose home care tranquilityParadise In-Home Care is a family run business. We thoroughly pick staff to not only be a part of our own family, but likewise yours. We understand that the very best elder care employees see their work as more than a job. That’s why every single member of our senior care team enjoys helping people.

As a leading senior care company in San Jose, we are well prepared to help those living with various types mental deterioration or Alzheimer’s Disease. We understand that sometimes it takes some help to get the best of our golden years. Your loved one has worked long and hard, and now that they are seniors we at Paradise In-Home Care anticipate working hard to see that their convenience is ensured, and their health care demands are always taken care of.

As we get older it can be difficult to remember to take all of our numerous medications on time, or remember crucial physician’s consultations. Having a friendly helper in the home to guarantee that these important task are constantly taken care of to ease the anxiety of aging so that the golden years can be enjoyed in peace and comfort.

If you do some browsing around, you’ll find that most senior care service providers are franchises . These mass market options can’t provide the kind of individual care that a family run senior care service like Paradise In-Home Care does every day.

Below are some additional indicate think about:

  • Paradise In-Home Care’s caretakers are insured & bonded.
  • We are not a Referral Firm– We employ our Care Providers directly.
  • We train our caregivers prior to appointing them to clients to ensure the greatest level of personalized service, experience & integrity.

We encourage you to speak to all the senior care companies in the area before making your choice. In the end you’ll likely choose the home care solution that feels like family. We anticipate welcoming your adored one into our family.

We are right here to help you with your decision. Call us today, so we might address any of your concerns and ease you through this crucial process.


San Jose

San Jose, California, happens to be the third largest city in the state and one of the top ten largest cities in all of the United States. Its population, according to the 2010 census, was over 945,000 people. It was officially founded in 1777, but has spent much of its expansive history as a small farming area. It wasn’t until relatively recent times that it became such an important metropolitan area. It’s growth has been steady over the last several years and has even been dubbed as “L.A. North” because of its large size and growing suburban sprawl. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area San Jose is the largest city in Northern California. It is the county seat of Santa Clara County.

Technology is a huge business in this region. San Jose has a reputation of being one of the major hubs within the Silicon Valley area. Many tech businesses reside in this city and Cisco Systems and IBM are two of the city’s biggest employers.

This city has a beautiful atmosphere, despite its large metropolis area. There are many things to do here, too. There are many major tourist attractions, restaurants, and art galleries that you can go to and enjoy. San Jose is still a quickly growing city; some estimates say that in the three years since the 2010 census, the population has grown by more than 20,000 residents.

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