San Francisco Senior Care Community

San Francisco senior care serves a very important function within the community. Not only does it provide a much needed service, it does so for a fraction of the price of a long term hospital visit. Let’s look at the different functions that San Francisco senior care plays, and compare it to a hospital visit.

When people think of senior care, they usually think about nursing homes, but this is only one of the many types of senior care that exist. A nursing home is a care intensive institution where seniors unable to take care of themselves live in order to have care provided for them at a moment’s notice, if need be. Usually, to be eligible to be put in this setting, a person must have difficulty with one of the six activities of daily living. These include personal hygiene, dressing and undressing, feeding, transfers, walking, and going to

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the bathroom. Usually, the level of care needed with a nursing home patient is higher than other types of senior care, but not necessarily so.

An assisted living facility also is another type of senior care. Here, senior citizens are placed in a home, but the care that they receive is not as severe as the care in a nursing home. Generally speaking, assisted living facilities give their inhabitants a good deal of freedom. Supervision is provided to help with the activities of daily living, but these are not administered necessarily by a nurse. The goal with an assisted living facility is to make life a bit easier for the senior citizen involved. They also serve a social function as seniors will usually be grouped together with people in their same age range.

In home care offers the highest degree of independence when talking about senior care. A senior can stay within their home and have a professional caregiver visit them. This can range from a couple hours per week up to a full time position for the caregiver. In rare cases, the senior involved or their family can elect to have a live in caregiver where they will be supervised twenty four hours per day. In home care is a great option if your loved one wants to maintain their independence, and it costs about the same as a similar visit to an assisted living facility, thus giving families a bit more freedom of choice in what kind of care their loved one will get.

Hospice homes are the final type of senior care. This is a home designed to make someone’s last days as pain-free and comfortable as possible. This is not necessarily just for senior citizens, but for anyone experiencing a terminal illness.

With so many choices in San Francisco senior care, you are sure to be able to find a type that fits your loved one’s needs and desires.

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