Medicare and Paying for In Home Health Care

In home health care is a great way to maintain your independence within your own home. But paying for such a thing can be costly. Medicare will pay for some in home health care, but there are still things that you will be held responsible for even with Medicare’s coverage. For example, Medicare will not cover care given for more than eight hours per day or for a time period of over 3 weeks (21 days). If care beyond this scope is necessary and you wish to keep your in home health care in place, you either need home health care insurance or to pay for it out of pocket. For most, out of pocket payments are not feasible—these can range upward of well over $10,000 per year.

This leaves home health care insurance as the best option. The earlier in life you apply for such aid, the lower your monthly or yearly premiums will become. As long as you are currently healthy, your monthly premium will be kept extremely low. The great thing about this type of insurance is that you are locked in at the rate you signed up for originally, even if your health begins to decline after you are approved for eligibility.

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As long as you pass the insurance company’s physical, you can begin using the insurance as soon as you are approved and all of the paperwork is signed for. A word of caution: if you are in poor health, you will be finding yourself paying a higher than average payment plan than you would be had you gotten the insurance at a younger and healthier age.

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